Adaptive Bike

Adaptive Bike

ChaseAs a parent, one of the rights of passage that comes with watching your little ones grow up, is teaching them to ride a bike.  This was something I had experienced with my first two children and was really looking forward to completing the ranks when it came Chases time. Just months before his accident he had just mastered riding his bike with training wheels and we had planned on taking them off as soon as the snow cleared and spring arrived.  This was something I really struggled with knowing he was not going to be able to do again.  When we were introduced to Discovery series adaptive bike while still in the hospital, I felt many of these encouraging emotions again.  This bike has to be my personal favorite of all the adaptive products Chase has.  It is a three wheel bike that allows you to strap him securely into the seat, strap his feet on the petals and secure his hands on the handlebars.  With the rear steering control, the person pushing the bike can turn and direct it anywhere you want.  The petals move his legs and give them exercise that he otherwise would not get in most forms of therapy.  Not only does this bike provide some great exercise for both Chase and whoever is pushing him, the ability to bike outside with the rest of the kids in the neighborhood, makes them all feel like kids hanging out- as they should!  We use this bike year round with Chase.  When it is too cold out or raining, I bring it in the house and walk him through the figure 8 track I have paved way for in the kitchen and the living room. There are several manufactures of these types of bikes out there, but Freedom Concepts is the brand we have found fits all of our needs.  With the many areas of adjustability on it, and several different sizes of frames they offer, Chase will be using these bikes until he can ride a bike on his own!

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  • Jen Reiter Reply

    So inspiring!! My daughter has ASD and I look forward to the day she will ride a bike too.

    September 7, 2017 at 8:13 pm

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