Why Chases Warrior’s give back!

Why Chases Warrior’s give back!

Bell Ringing for the Salvation Army.

Part of our mission is to do service work to help others.  It is so rewarding and below is just one story of what Abby, Anna and Jenna witnessed from a few boys and their dad.

We were just ringing away, being jolly, and this man came up to us and asked if we would do him a favor. He asked if we would explain to his 3 boys the reason we were out in the freezing cold ringing a bell. So we went to get his boys who had just broke open their piggy banks (literally) and were acting a little “spoiled” as the dad put it. We explained to him that the money is donated to the Salvation Army, but we were volunteering through Chase’s Warriors Foundation- which volunteers and raises money for adaptive equipment for kids who might not be able to walk, talk, or do everyday things like the rest of us. We explained quickly how we knew THE Chase Lykken, and the dad looked at the boys and said, “You guys, we have a pool in our backyard. This could happen to anyone at any time.”

So the boys took out their ziplock bags, each put in A LOT of money. Not just quarters and one dollar bills, we’re
talkin’ 5’s, 10’s, 20’s of their allowance. The dad was even surprised they put in that much, but he asked how they felt and they had big smiles. Then we let them ring the bell and tried to get them to dance, but they weren’t having that.

We are always looking for service work that could help our community.  If you have any suggestions or needs, please email us at info@cwfusa.org.

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