Follow Up On One Of Our Warriors

We were introduced to Surai back in July.   Chase's Warrior Foundation donated an Upsee and Surai was able to walk down the aisle as a flower girl for her parents renewal of their vows.   Because of the donation,  Surai danced in her first ballet recital, something new she wasn't able to do because of the Upsee.   It's these images that tell us we are making a difference, not only to our warriors but to their family too.  [...]

Chases Warrior Foundation Gives Back to Area Schools

Chases Warrior Foundation had the opportunity to give back to kids with special needs attending the Prior Lake/Savage and Shakopee school districts. CWF raised $10,000 with the amazing support from warriors that worked at our car wash in August, the fantastic students and faculty from Kids Company at Red Tail Ridge in the Prior Lake/Savage district, and through generous donations. SHAKOPEE MDEWAKANTON SIOUX COMMUNITY graciously matched our funds with a donation of $10,000. The grant and the funds raised [...]

Why Chases Warrior’s give back!

Bell Ringing for the Salvation Army. Part of our mission is to do service work to help others.  It is so rewarding and below is just one story of what Abby, Anna and Jenna witnessed from a few boys and their dad. We were just ringing away, being jolly, and this man came up to us and asked if we would do him a favor. He asked if we would explain to his 3 boys the reason we were out in [...]

Quicktalker 1 Switch

Chase has had some really good success using buttons and switches to do things on command. The ability to push the button down hard enough to activate it is one obstacle we have run into several times.  We purchased this new innovative switch Quicktalker 1 last week.  This switch allows a pre-recorded voice message, which you can change it easily at any time, to play when his hand touches  the switch.  We are hoping this product will open up [...]

Adaptive Bike

As a parent, one of the rights of passage that comes with watching your little ones grow up, is teaching them to ride a bike.  This was something I had experienced with my first two children and was really looking forward to completing the ranks when it came Chases time. Just months before his accident he had just mastered riding his bike with training wheels and we had planned on taking them off as soon as the snow cleared [...]


Of all the adaptive equipment that we use for Chase, the one piece of equipment that we feel has impacted our lives the most, is hands down, the UpSee.  This device does offer some therapeutic benefits - such as weight bearing, muscle movement, and blood circulation.  But honestly, these are just added bonuses.  The real benefit that the UpSee brings to a child with mobility challenges is the ability to participate in many of lives events that kids love [...]