About Us

Our Vision:   Making kids with special needs and their families happy.

Chase’s Warrior Foundation is a group of friends, brought together through witnessing and being part of the Lykken Family’s journey, who came to the realization that families with these injuries need help, and there is something we can do.  We realize that there are many of life experiences that you can not plan for, and when they occur, you are not prepared for.  Our goal with this foundation is to provide helpful products and information that can accommodate your situation.  Having been there, and continuing to live with a victim of anoxic brain injury we look forward to sharing our useful experiences with you in hopes to make your life easier.  This foundation was created with one main objective- Help anoxic brain injury victims and their families.  Please let us know how we can help you.

Chase’s Warrior Foundation Mission Statement:

Chase’s Warrior Foundation is a group of Community based volunteers whose mission is to Help children and their families who are affected by Anoxic brain injuries and/or have special needs by providing Support thereby Enhancing the quality of their lives at home as well as at schools.

Our Values:

Community based foundation serving those in need
Helping families living with a child with special needs
Adaptive equipment donations
Supporting children with special needs
Educating the community – living with a child with a brain injury?